The foundation and promotion of business, especially in the context of international commercial activities, requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge of local regulations. We can organize a successful start of your business and also provide qualified support at all subsequent stages of its development. You can delegate to us the preparation of documentation, correspondence work, negotiating with partners and government services in Poland, financial reporting and other administrative work.

All available forms of companies

With our help, you can avoid bureaucracy and focus all your attention on doing business.

Administrative outsourcing and corporate secretarial services in Poland will allow you to make your business more efficient and profitable:

Firstly, you will not waste your time studying legislation to make your company work legitimately and problem-free in Poland or other part of the EU-zone;
Secondly, you save time for visits to the office, search and hiring of employees, as well as to monitor the work of your staff;
Furthermore, you involve professional specialists with experience in administration duties on Polish market, so you can be sure of the compliance with local regulations
Finally, you release yourself from paperwork, interaction with various government departments (labor inspection, tax administration, etc.)

We offer support with opening bank account, negotiating loan or factoring to get local founding for your business activity.

Prices are to be negotiated between both sides, depending on the scope of entrepreneur activity and needs.