Ready to Sell LLCTo meet the needs of foreign investors who wish to start their operations in Poland right away and not to waste time on the company registration process, we set up Polish limited liability companies (LLC) on our own to offer them to sell as fully-finished products.

The registration process of a limited liability company in Poland may take up to eight weeks. So, we offer Polish limited liability companies which are fully registered, have all necessary ID and clean record, which have not started their activities yet and therefore have no obligations. Full safety of all transactions and confidentiality of information guaranteed!

Acquisition of a ready-made business in Poland is definitely one of the most popular decisions. The shareholders in Polish Limited Liability are not liable for the company’s obligations, they bear a risk up to the value of shares contributed.

Steps necessary to incorporate LLC in Poland

  • Drafting the Articles of Association of the Limited Liability company
  • Executing the Articles of Association in the office of Notary Public
  • Registration of the company at the Company Register (KRS)

As a result you of above steps you would get:

  • Your Limited Liability Company will be registered in the Company House (KRS) and will get it KRS number
  • Your Limited Liability Company will get tax identification no. (NIP) and will be registered as a taxpayer
  • Your Limited Liability Company will get its own statistical no. (REGON)

Prices start from 850 EUR and include:

  • Readymade company
  • Notary’s and court costs
  • Filling in documents/forms and submittal of changes

After purchase and notarial re-registering of the company, you can immediately begin operating in Poland and the European Union. Re-registering takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the number of shareholders.